Welcome to TTC Spa School!

Our school is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is an international massage school approved with a proud tradition and achievements by the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Education in Thailand.

In our school, we prepare Therapist Training Course, allowing students to learn not only Thai Traditional Massage but also various other massage techniques as well.

Students can choose to study the massage course from beginner level to the more advanced level.

Features of TTC SPA SCHOOL

English-speaking Staff and Teachers

English staff can answer any kind of inquiry that you may have. Application process is also done by the staff that speaks fluent English. Textbooks and contents of the lesson also can be translated in English. Teachers teach the lesson thoroughly in English. English-speaking staffs are always at the office, so students from English-speaking countries can participate in classes without any worries on language barrier. One lesson consists of 12 students, enabling the teacher to teach intensively and thoroughly each and every student.

School that Has Inherited the Traditional Thai Medicine

Family of the founder of our school (teacher Kanokwan Thapech) is an old family that has inherited the Traditional Thai Medicine. They have read and understood the old writing that they inherited from their ancestors about Thai Traditional Medicine. Our school is a rare school that keeps the old writing about Thai Traditional Medicine.

Thai Government Approved Massage School

TTC Spa School is a Thai government approved school opened in 2007. Our school is officially approved by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education in Thailand. Our school is also authorized by other Thai and Canadian organizations.

Our Stuff

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